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Nobody likes paying for car maintenance and car repairs. They are often expensive and come at unexpected times.

Did you know there’s a easy way to save money on car maintenance and repairs?

Performing routine car maintenance and thorough inspection of your auto or truck’s operating systems and mechanical parts will save you money over time. Some simple maintenance will ensure the longevity of your vehicle and reduce potential breakdowns and repairs in the future.

Some Tips:

Always follow the recommended car maintenance schedule for your car, no matter how busy you are or how much you may want to just not spend the money.  Check the level of your car fluids regularly, always inspect the wear components of your vehicle, and keep your auto clean at all times. Doing these will prevent the onset of damage and this will also help you diagnose problems while they are still at an early stage and not yet so serious.

Finding the right mechanic for your car maintenance needs is not always easy. You should find a reputable auto repair shop that you can depend on to give you honest and fair advice. We hope you’ll find Steens Master Lube to be your auto repair and car maintenance shop of trust. Come on by Steens Master Lube at 139 NE Harney St. in Newport, Oregon or give us a call at 541-265-6049.

Key Maintenance:

A Thorough Inspection of Your Cars Major Systems Should Be Performed Often

A Thorough Inspection of Your Cars Major Systems Should Be Performed Often to Minimize Repair Cost

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