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Need Brake Service? Call Steen’s Master Lube at 541-265-6049 Today or stop in at 139 NE Harney St. in Newport, OR for a diagnostic inspection. Automotive brake maintenance is one of the most important things to do for your safety.

Brake service and inspection should be two things. A brake inspection to see if the brakes are working well mechanically and to see if the brake pads are still safe. If not, replace the brake pads and make any brake repairs that might be in order. The other thing is to drain the brake fluid, flush out the system and replace it with fresh fluid. This is important, but often over looked.

You should have your brakes checked about every 15,000 miles, or about once a year to inspect for wear and tear. Of course if you hear a metal grinding, “squealing” or feel a shimmy or vibration in the front end have your brakes checked immediately. Newer cars have sensors that indicate when brakes are bad. Reputable Newport, Oregon mechanics such as Steen’s Master Lube will check your brakes at any normal service as a safety precaution.

At Steen’s Master Lube we install quality replacement parts. Give us a call at 541-265-6049 and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road by quickly inspecting your brakes and letting you know exactly how they’re working and what will need to be done and when. Come see us at 139 NE Harney St. in Newport, OR.

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Need Brake Service? CallĀ Steen’s Master Lube atĀ 541-265-6049 Today or stop in at 139 NE Harney...

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