Cabin Air Filter Maintenance

air filter

A clean air filter improves air quality in your car.

Air Filter Replacement

Air Filter Replacement

A cabin air filter cleans the outside air before it comes into the passenger compartment. It filters out common Newport air particles like dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, pollutants, exhaust gas, odors, and the other various ocean smells that are sometimes a little strong around Newport. It works like the filter on your furnace at home. It gets dirty and needs to be changed often.

change your dirty cabin filter and get fresh air in your car

Get fresh air in your car with a clean cabin filter.

These high tech filters can block particles larger than 3 microns. By contrast, a grain of sand is about 200 microns.

Not all vehicles in Newport have cabin air filters. They are fairly new on the scene. About forty percent of new vehicles sold in Newport come with cabin air filters, but the number is growing every year.

Cabin air filters can make for a very nice driving environment. Your car can be a haven on trips into the valley during our Willamette allergy season with very little dust and pollen getting into the cabin. However, the filter eventually gets clogged. When this happens, your heating and air conditioning flow can become restricted. The filter can even get kind of smelly.

Check your owner’s manual for recommended replacement intervals. Often, the owner’s manual forgets about the cabin air filter, so ask your mechanic at Steen’s Master Lube for a recommendation. It’s usually every year or 12,000 miles / 19,000 kilometers. Change it sooner if you drive in heavy pollen areas like the WIllamette Valley, or if you start to notice an odor from your ventilation system.

So keep your cabin air filter clean. It may not help with your brother-in-law in the backseat, but it will make your driving experience around Newport more enjoyable.

Come by Steen’s Master Lube at 139 NE Harney St. in Newport, Oregon or give us a call at 541-265-6049 and we’ll take a look at your cabin air filter for you.

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