Car Tune Up Service

Car tune up service

Costly auto repair can be avoided a with regular scheduled car tune up.

Car Tune up Service – How often should you get a car tune up?

Your vehicle should receive a car tune up, also called a “major service”, least once a year, or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. During an auto tune-up your car will receive some new parts to help keep it out of the Newport auto repair shop between major services.

Why does your car need a car tune up?

A car requires a certain amount of preventative maintenance in order to perform efficiently. A car tune up is a regularly scheduled inspection and service, usually once a year, for important scheduled preventative maintenance to be done.  Your auto getting a tune up regularly will help maintain the performance and economy of your car, avoid costly car repairs, as well as lengthen its life.

What does my Newport mechanic do during a car tune up?

A car tune up generally includes replacement of several car parts. These parts may seem unimportant, but failing to replace them regularly can cause loss of efficiency, decreased performance, and may even lead to other mechanical problems.

car tune up service in Newport OR

Your auto should receive a car tune up once a year or every 30,000 miles.

Are those little parts replaced during a car tune up important?

Let’s look at an example of a small part changed during a tune-up and the effect on your car. The air filter should be replaced at least once a year; failing to replace a dirty air filter will cause your engine to receive less of the air it needs to operate properly.  If the dirty air filter is left unchanged, the air-fuel mixture will run richer (meaning that there will be too much fuel and too little air in the fuel mixture) eventually causing other parts to potentially fail.

What does my Newport mechanic replace during a car tune up?

A regular car tune up is critically important to your car’s performance.  A car tune up involves replacing the air filter, an oil change, oil filter replacement, cleaning or replacing the spark plugs, and replacing the distributor cap and rotor. A complete tune up can also include replacing the spark plug wires, fuel filter, and oxygen sensor.

What’s the difference bewteen a basic car tune up and a major service?

Maintenance that is not included in a basic tune up may also be required. Your Newport mechanic‘s diagnosis of your car’s systems, including the brakes, clutch, fluids levels, oil levels, and the operation of all other major systems as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.  If the tune up is done in spring or summer, the air conditioning system should be also checked. Its likely the a/c system will not have been used for many months.

A note on car tune up for newer cars

Most new cars use platinum spark plugs are replaced less frequently. Platinum spark plugs are often 100,000 miles more, so platinum spark plugs will not need to be replaced with every major service unlike standard plugs.  Many newer cars also use an electronic ignition in place of a distributor like in older cars. So newer cars do not need a new distributor cap or rotor.  Steens Master Lube refers to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to ensure the proper maintenance is performed on your car during a tune up.

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