Muffler and Exhaust Systems

Understanding Muffler and Exhaust System Repair

Muffler and Exhaust System Repair in Newport Oregon

Steens Master Lube Mechanics can diagnose and repair your muffler and exhaust sytem.

Understanding your car or trucks muffler and exhaust system helps Newport drivers prolong their vehicle’s lifespan. Muffler and exhaust system repair or muffler and exhaust system replacement is fairly common maintenance repair that can become a nuisance to the driver and to others on Newport roads if left unaddressed for too long.
Newport Drivers should familiarize themselves with the various systems of their vehicles front to back – from the ignition and starter system all the way down to the muffler and exhaust system. By gaining a better understanding of vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system, Newport drivers can know just when they may need to bring their car or truck into Steens Master Lube for a diagnostic check-up.

A properly functioning muffler and exhaust system is important

While cars and trucks are a modern life necessity, the majority of all vehicles sold today continue to produce toxic and sometimes nauseous fumes. When a muffler and exhaust system isn’t functioning properly, these toxic fumes are not removed from the engine by the exhaust. This can cause serious harm to the occupants of the vehicle. Nobody wants to jeopardize their health while driving Newport roads. Unless the muffler and exhaust system is functioning properly, this is precisely what can happen.

Risks of having a muffler and exhaust system that needs to be repaired

Muffler Repair in Newport Oregon

Muffler and Exhaust System Repair in Newport Oregon

The health risks a faulty exhaust system poses to drivers and passengers is paramount. When an exhaust system that need to be repaired it also is likely to cause damage to the vehicle. When an exhaust system is failing, the car or truck’s engine is not run as efficiently as possible and will eventually lead to engine damage or engine failure. Nobody wants an expensive engine repair bill, so it makes sense economically to handle muffler and exhaust system problems promptly. Environmentally, an exhaust system in disrepair releases harmful emissions and pollutants. To prevent these health, repair and environmental issues, Newport drivers should bring their vehicle to their mechanic for muffler and exhaust system repair.

Muffler and exhaust system components

A vehicle’s exhaust system is made up of several different parts that work together to remove the harmful exhaust emissions from the vehicle. These exhaust components include the muffler, the cylinder head, the oxygen sensor, the catalytic converter and the exhaust pipe. If any one of these exhuast components is in a state of disrepair, the entire exhaust system will not work properly. Steens Master Lube technicians are adept at inspecting each of these exhaust system parts, and will make sure that they are all connected properly, leak-free, and operating properly.

Muffler and exhaust system repair at Steens Master Lube

Steens Master Lube has been repairing mufflers and exhaust systems for over 25 years. You can count on us to quickly identify any problem and fix the exhaust problem. Whether it is as involved as installing new exhaust headers on the engine or as simple as cleaning and examining the muffler for issues, our technicians at Steens Master Lube equipped to perform top-notch service at a reasonable price. We understand all of the possible issues a vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system can incur. We always provide proficient exhaust system diagnostics and quality repair. Newport drivers can rest assured that their car or truck is in the best hands when they take it in to Steens Master Lube for muffler and exhaust system service.

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